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Founded in early-2019 by Tracey Johnson (a former medicare professional), Micell News is an online news publication that reports on the latest medical research and developments. It is our goal to report on medical news in simple layman’s terms that are easily digestible and understandable to the average person. Here, our target audience is not doctors, but rather every-day Americans with an interest in the wonderful and amazing advances in medicine. We also take great care to ensure we report only accurate facts, and will typically spend several hours researching and writing a single story to make sure the information contained within is correct.

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Micell News does not run advertisements and will remain a 100% free service. However, if you enjoy the content here and would like to help us out, please consider a small donation: our PayPal email is [email protected]. The upkeep of this website is small, so even a tiny donation will have a huge impact on helping to keep this site online.

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