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If someone works for more than one employer may participate in more than one PPE, there are no obstacles.



Large companies will try to dominate the sovereigns, the state gets local industry and services. And what will happen if the US signed a similar agreement with Asia, but not with us? Even worse. So I’d better sign quickly and suffer through this difficult transitional period. Let us stop a voice to those who are most predisposed to this, to talk about the distant future. So not academics, not experts, but writers of science fiction. Konrad T. Lewandowski, the man who created a few dozen fantasy, science fiction and detective novels, in addition to the philosopher, when asked about the future of our labor market for a quarter of a century, mentally shrugs his shoulders.

And he writes me on Facebook: “Nothing much will happen, but people will start to earn more and mid-level corporate dzierżymordy imperceptibly cease to be important. The elderly after “60” can not mishandle such as 20-year-olds, and a whole series of laws and regulations will promote people 50+. Poland can not be screwed into an apology for colonialism, nationalism so will increasingly influence the legislative practice. They will begin to be enacted laws enabling the return of emigrants and their children. ” Except that there is something that draws attention prof. Izabela Grabowska, sociologist working with the Social Psychology.

Economic factors are important geopolitical, as well as the economy. Nevertheless, we must not forget that migrants returned to, the young wanted to learn, work and create new jobs, Poland should be a country friendly to its residents. Because work work, but you still need to have a living space beyond. Fun, family, interests. The generation of people today to finish their studies, which included children born into adulthood for 2.5 decades, already understood. Ygreków counts for balance. The author of this text, it seems that today would rather go to the forest, dig dugouts and fight the system – if someone would take them to access the internet and weekends.

And this ethos communicate to their successors. Let them be happy. I do not rule out that in two and a half decades toast “A hundred years, a hundred years,” so eager today erected on the occasion of birthday celebration, will be used as a jingle accompanying the social campaign aimed to convince his countrymen to longer and more strenuous work period. As follows from the calculations of the DGP, three years to join the matriculation examination 268 thousand. students. During this time, public universities have to have exactly the same number of vacancies in the first year of full-time studies. So the student will be able to be anyone who just this darn. NUMBER OF PEOPLE SITTING IN THE MATURE A PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna What is sure to please the current high school students, worried experts.

They think universities will not have so bitterly compete for students so far. This in turn will translate into lower levels of education. Professor Marcin Krol believes that such a process can be seen today. In the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw 10 years ago one place competed 13 people, while currently only half. And next year, this ratio can be 1: 1. – But for UW consequences of demographic decline will not be as serious as other, smaller colleges.

They may have problems – says prof. King. Therefore, in his opinion, higher education authorities need to rethink the concept of educational elitism. – Paradoxically, the best universities of the world are very small. American Yale has about 18 thousand students, or one third of what UW – notes. The Ministry of Science ensures that the problem arises. Already in 2011. It reduced the possibility of increasing the number of full-time – perhaps up to them to arrive at a rate of 2 percent. annually.

The idea is not to blindly fight for new students, but preparing for harder times. Today the consequence of decline in the number of listeners at public universities is a decrease in revenue is teaching. Most feel it economical and educational institutions for which the proceeds from the extramural and postgraduate studies were a very important source of revenue. Technical colleges, universities and agricultural schools have less of a problem with this – compensate for a decline in revenues from higher income students with research activities. Intense competition on the market free of studies public will also mean trouble for private universities. These probably will survive, which basically guarantees to obtain a diploma in exchange for tuition. But on the other hand, survival strategy might be putting on quality. – Private schools will have to offer more than the public.

This will require proof that graduates perform better in the market, eg. Find work easier – explains Gregory Baczewski Lewiatan Confederation. with only YetiPay: 25.90 zł- Consolidation Act on tax on goods and services marked the latest changes, with the date of entry into force in 2013, 2014 and 2016 r.- Deloitte comments on specific changes in the law Occupational pension scheme (abbreviated PPE) is created in the workplace for the collection of employee (participant EPP) intended for payment. Set aside money invested over the years, have finally employee to serve as security for old age. If someone works for more than one employer may participate in more than one PPE, there are no obstacles. According to the law the right to participate in the program are entitled to an employee who is employed by the employer for not less than three months, although the agreement in the workplace can regulate this issue inaczej.zobacz also confirms Awl: Lowering the retirement age from autumn 2017. »Law to participate in the EPP is entitled to: a person employed in full-time or part-time work, on the basis of a contract of employment, appointment, election, appointment, cooperative employment contract, a person employed under a contract as a result of appointment or election to a body representing a legal person and a member of the agricultural production cooperative or cooperative agricultural farmers, natural person pursuing an economic activity, shareholder partnership, general partnership, limited partnership or limited joint-stock partnership and the corresponding without limitation, which is subject to compulsory pension insurance, if these a person or company’s lead program for their pracowników.Umowa factory in relation to pension plan may not provide for workers’ participation in the program any conditions other than those laid down the law on employee pension plans (link to the bill at the end). Sam occupational pension scheme may take the form of: 1) pension fund; 2) agreement on contributing employee contributions to an investment fund; 3) a contract of group life insurance with an insurance company in the form of group life insurance with insurance capital fund; 4) zagranicznego.zobacz management also reduces the social insurance pension after retirement. This, however, could change »Do depositing money in EPP is safe?

On guard correct operation of pension schemes for employees is the law and the supervisory authority. Any occupational pension scheme is registered in the supervisory body, which is the Financial Supervision Commission. In addition, the rules clearly stipulate that contracts concluded with employees acceding to the EPP can not contain the employee’s conditions of participation in the program inconsistent with the provisions of the Act. If an employee has made a lump sum payment or first installment of the EPP – then could not re-enter for the programu.Podstawa Legal Act of 20 April 2004. Employee pension programs (see text) In Children’s Day the President of the Employers’ Health Protection Agreement Bozena Janicka encourages parents youngest patients to more consciously approached the health of their children.

Doctors indicate that the main risk factors that have a negative impact on the health of children, are insufficient physical activity and poor eating żywieniowe.zobacz also campaign “5 servings of fruits and vegetables” is to change eating habits in Poland »” The diet of children influenced by the eating habits of parents. Fast food is becoming more popular in many homes; healthy potatoes have replaced French fries and pizza. For this sweet sodas and sweets. Along with the age of the child falling fruit and vegetable intake. As a result, children begin to gain weight and get sick.

Overweight, and increasingly also threatening obesity, falls 20-30 percent. the total number of children under 18 years, which in consequence is often associated with hypertension, and even diabetes, “- emphasizes Janicka. Children often have the posture – is a serious problem especially for school children. Doctors point out that this is connected mainly with the lack of movement – children often avoid physical education classes, rarely do sports outside of class. “already in the first year of life infants are taught to use the phone and tablet. The effects do not have to wait long. Instead of running around the yard, kilkulatki choose the computer and television, before whom spend several hours a day “- alert lekarze.zobacz also: Experts: Family doctors can improve care for diabetics» Janicka advises that attitude disorders in children in the future can bring in dangerous effects of medical complications (disorders in the activities of many organs and body systems). “Adults allowing the youngest to inactivity, contribute to the production + + senile generations” – warns the president of the fire. “Let us love our children. Spoiling them, but wisely.

It is never too late to change habits. Lunch to school is not chips and chocolate baton, but the sandwich with lettuce and apple. Holidays are coming. Children’s organize free time and przypilnujmy to the computer and the TV does not become their only activity. Think about the health of our children today, in the Children’s Day “- calls Janicka. Comparison of texts by Umberto Eco and Jozef Tischner, and to develop on the basis of “Steppenwolf” by Hermann Hesse – these are the themes that emerged in the diagnosis przedmaturalnej the Polish language. It is developed by the IBE and the Central Examination tool to help experts assess how high school students second class cope with next year’s arkuszami.Diagnozę przedmaturalną wrote today 4 thousand. secondary school students from across the Polish.

Sheets made available to schools at the primary level. The new baccalaureate is divided into three distinct parts – each one of them opened the text and complement test tasks. The authors of questions asked of them, among other things: swapping archaic phrases on contemporary writing a summary of the material, asking questions to the text. Among the commands they were also already well known from previous exams: to distinguish between truth and falsehood and the assignment definicji.zobacz also: Changes in maturach. How will the maturity exam in 2015 »End key on graduation.

The work will be assessed globally »The third part is the examination essay or interpretation of the poem. This section applies to the biggest change, because high school graduates will have to deal with works outside the canon lektur.Oprócz same sheet change is also a key exam. When checking the essays will be assessed the compatibility of species, not a hundred percent compatible with specific statements. Read the whole text This is another benefit for consumers struggling with the banks in the courts judgment. Many corporations because in recent years called on its customers to pay off the debt, but once commented contract. However, it turns out that in such a situation, the bank’s legal action involving the termination of the agreement is null and void. Call to repay embarrassing for many people, including the practice of banks is the ratio of the banking law (Journal of Laws of 2018.

Item. 2187, as amended.) And the Consumer Credit Act (Journal of Laws of 2019 r., item. 1083, as amended.). Several years ago it was that the second law required, prior to termination of the contract the lender called the borrower to repay the debt. Banking law did not require this.

Today, however, the law on consumer credit in vain to look for a provision that would require the call for payment. But in banking law from 26 November 2015. Article applies. 75c (Journal of Laws of 2015. Pos. 1854). It provides that, if the borrower is late with the repayment obligations under the loan, the bank calls him to repay, setting a deadline of no less than 14 working days.

In the notice the corporation should inform the borrower about the possibility of submitting a request for debt restructuring. Living on credit Source: DGP and founded doubt whether this obligation should also apply with regard to consumer credit, since the provisions on consumer credit was not a word about it? According to the Katowice court – as much as possible. “The existing law on consumer credit lenders such an obligation does not provide directly. This does not mean absolutely that the legal situation can terminate the contract of consumer credit, without prior request for payment – first opposed to the idea of ​​this new legislation, aiming not to curtail but to expand consumer rights. Secondly, it became unnecessary to the amendment of the banking law, in particular the addition of the cited art. 75c “- said the court. Thus, the termination of the agreement without the requirement in the form of calls for debt repayment and to inform about the possibility of restructuring is also nieważne.zobacz: Pause loan installments possible, but not obvious [INTERVIEW] »Cleanup in almost Lawyers believe for accurate judgment of the court. – Removal of the legislature from the contents of the Consumer Credit Act requirement to call the borrower to pay before the termination of the credit agreement can not be interpreted as a conscious resignation legislator with to burden banks including duty – said Dr.

Anne-Marie Weber-Elżanowska, counsel at the law firm NGL Legal and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law and Administration. And he adds that constitute an abuse of the concept of rational legislator, leading to conclusions contrary to the legislative trends in the banking law aimed for stronger protection of consumer rights in relation to banks. Similarly, says Marcin Malinowski, an attorney at the law firm Gardocki and Partners. In his opinion – according to what the court pointed out – Art. 75c banking law, addressed to the bank should be strictly applied to all categories of borrowers. – I do not see reasons to Art. 75c banking law includes delaying its disposition of all borrowers in repayment was in the same or equivalent wording in the law on consumer credit.

Reproduction of the standards expressed in the banking law would then superfluum laws, regulations or excess. The intention of the legislature was therefore equal rights of all borrowers and their placement under the provisions of a provision of the law – attorney explains.

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